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Safe, high-quality kid’s tepee, our latest design

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High quality upgraded design and finish that will help you and your little ones to create unforgettable memories…

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Safe, high-quality kid’s tepee, our 2022 ready design.

Get a FREE star-shaped light string  and Teepee buntings when you buy our teepees.

Looking for a great gift idea?

Are you struggling to find a unique gift that is worth your money, versatile and something that sparks your little one’s imagination? We got the perfect solution!

Being parents ourselves, we know from experience that Aussie families spend so much money on toys, only to see kids losing interest after couple of hours and all those expensive toys ending up in a corner. Have a look around now and you’ll see how many cast-away toys scattered around the house!

Get a FREE star-shaped light string  and Teepee buntings when you buy our best selling teepees

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Our Best Selling Teepee Playhouses

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That's what we call
Purr-fect or Paw-fect

Introducing our Beautiful pet tent range, Your pet will love it!
Pets are our family and friends, and they deserve a warm and private place of their own! This pet teepee tents are suitable for cats, dogs, bunnies or any small to medium size pets.

Dog or Cat Teepee Portable Washable Tent With Soft Cushion

Easy to Assemble and lightweight.

Comes with a thick cushion which can be taken out and used separately as a soft pet bed. Plus the name board to name the territory.

We say woof woof to that!

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Indoor Teepee Pet Tent Cat Bed

Made of premium scratch-proof and wrinkle-free soft canvas from South Korea.

“We give Purr-fect 10 for that”

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What makes us unique

Find out why our teepee playhouses are so popular.

What makes us unique

Find out why our teepee playhouses are so popular.


It was a very fast delivery, nice packaging and the actual tent is incredible. Both the fabric, style and design are just simply perfect and a great quality, Perfect for the toy room, my daughter loves playing in hers and it’s a hit when her friends come to play. Highly recommend.

Danny How

Sydney mum with a 2 year old. July 2020

Love the Teepee. So nice for my granddaughter’s hide away. This was her present for her 3rd birthday during the lockdown. High quality and great design. Love the freelight string that made it extra special.

Lisa Mason

Melbourne, As a birthday gift. Aug 2020

Really nice teepee and very quick to assemble. It also comes with a carry bag so it can come to the beach or camping. Buy little boy loves it we are so glad that this make the indoor play very effective. Love the inner pocket that keeps his spider man always next to him. Highly recommend this.

Simon Lumly

Riverton, Perth. July 2020

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